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CEMEX participates in the main wastewater treatment plant in Colombia

July 4, 2018

CEMEX, S.A.B. of C.V. ("CEMEX") (BMV: CEMEXCPO) reported today that it is participating in the expansion and optimization of the Wastewater Treatment Plant 'El Salitre', located just outside Bogotá, Colombia. CEMEX expects to supply more than 290,000 cubic meters of concrete for this project, which will contribute to the decontamination of the Bogotá River, the most important in the Colombian Andean savannah.

CEMEX participates in this project since October 2017, supplying materials for the construction of piles, slabs and walls for tanks and screen type piles. These tanks, made with concrete of low or very low permeability, have walls of 40 centimeters thick and a coating of more than 7 centimeters, designed to withstand the most aggressive environments.

"We are proud to be part of a project that has the potential to benefit the entire country," said Juan Carlos Muñoz, Vice President of Constructor Solutions in CEMEX Colombia. "Our customer service, experience and high-quality materials are at the service of Colombia to build a better future together."

The project for the expansion and optimization of the 'El Salitre' Plant will allow the treatment of approximately 605 million liters per day of wastewater from the north and center of Bogotá, equivalent to filling approximately 242 Olympic swimming pools in one day. The project is expected to benefit more than 2.7 million Bogota residents, providing them with purified water for agricultural and agricultural activities, and for cleaning 80% of the Bogotá River, one of the main river channels for the Bogotá savannah.

CEMEX participates in the main wastewater treatment plant in Colombia