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Because we believe in the region, we create financial constructive and technology for infrastructure development solutions.

Leveraging our experience in high-scale infrastructure projects, we are evolving into a fully integrated turnkey infrastructure solutions provider. By working in close collaboration with our clients’ dedicated teams, we are proposing building solutions to deliver incremental value through every step of the life-cycle of infrastructure projects. These efforts are resulting in new market opportunities for us and higher demand for our products.

Large projects, great partners
In our markets, we are working closely with local governments, municipalities, and other entities to provide support for designing new infrastructure projects that improve the competitiveness of countries in which we operate.

Concrete vs. asphalt pavements
Concrete pavement solutions provide significant advantages over asphalt; its excellent surface finish, superior durability, and low total cost over the full life cycle make it the material of choice.

Superior durability: Concrete roads can be designed for 50 years or more, and they last around three times longer than asphalt roads before a first major rehabilitation is required.

Lower cost over full life cycle: Including the full life-cycle of the project, concrete has a significantly lower total cost versus asphalt, despite its slightly higher initial cost.

Reduced "heat island" effect: Cities are warmer than their surroundings, which in summer leads to discomfort, medical conditions, and higher air conditioning use. Light-colored surfaces with high reflectivity, such as concrete, reduce this so-called urban “heat island” effect.

Lower vehicle fuel consumption: On the rigid surface of a concrete pavement, wheels do not sink in as much as they do on flexible (i.e., asphalt) pavements. This effect, called deflection, is invisible to the naked eye, but has a noticeable impact on vehicle fuel efficiency.

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