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We create solutions for our customers and developers to grow and we together build better housing for the region. The goal is to provide our customers building housing solutions that meet their needs with innovative construction processes, products and joint projects, making various real estate projects are sustainable.

Leveraging on our experience in housing projects, we are capable of providing innovative solutions for faster and less expensive and sustainable construction. We are committed to helping to develop our local communities and we collaborate with governments, NGOs and regional leaders to anticipate and address emerging social demands. We seek to ensure that we are a good neighbor and an active part of every community in which we operate.

Value-added solutions for sustainable housing
Through our housing initiatives we are offering a faster, more sustainable, cost-efficient, and replicable industrialized housing production model by integrating specialty building materials and efficient construction systems. There are numerous advantages to our housing solutions initiative that create more value and promote the well-being of communities, including:

  • Reduced construction time: fast, cost-efficient, and large-scale housing construction using formwork molds for walls and slabs.
  • Higher energy efficiency: use of specialty concrete products to increase energy efficiency translating into reduced energy costs for families as well as lower CO2 emissions. Use of ready-mix concrete in streets and sidewalks in our housing developments promotes a reduction of the "heat island” effect.
  • Optimal use of natural resources: use of specialty concrete products to reduce water consumption in the construction process.
  • Reduced overall costs: industrialized construction system that requires reduced resources, with savings in the construction process as well as in materials storage and inventory management.
  • Increased resistance: use of concrete installed as a single element ensures greater resistance to adverse weather conditions and earthquakes.
  • Vertical growth potential: houses built with 10-centimeter thick concrete walls and reinforced concrete roof, allowing for future expansions and the construction of a second floor.

Partner of choice for housing projects
By partnering with land-owning entities in developing housing projects, we work to deliver an array of integrated services with incremental value throughout the entire construction process. We offer our partners project planning and financing, urban design, efficient management and more sustainable construction. At the end of the day, our unique commercial offering allows us to participate in any or all phases of housing projects, from individual homes to large-scale housing construction.

Integrated housing solutions

  • Monolithic Cast-in-Place Industrialized Housing: fast, efficient and large-scale housing construction using formwork molds for walls and slabs.
  • Precast Industrialized Housing: fast, efficient, and large-scale housing construction where building elements are developed off-site and delivered for building on-site.
  • Disaster Relief Housing: best response for reconstruction after natural disasters.
  • Energy Efficient Housing: most competitive solution for high-performance buildings.
  • Affordable Housing: lowest possible cost without giving up quality and maintaining comfort.
  • Vertical Housing: fast and efficient construction for high-rise and mid-rise residential buildings.

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