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Because we believe that industry and trade drive the region, we create solutions that are adapted to the needs and demands of these sectors.


Over the past years, we have focused on reshaping our commercial offering and evolved from being a supplier of construction materials to a supplier of comprehensive building solutions that address the complex demands from society.

Specialty concrete products for faster, lower-cost, and energy-efficient construction
At CEMEX Latam Holdings we work hard to tailor our commercial solutions to suit our customers’ evolving needs. Led by the CEMEX Center for Technology and Innovation, we launched in our marketsseveral innovative specialty ready-mix concrete products that address our customers’ demand for faster, lower-cost, and energyefficient construction solutions, including: Promptis®, Hidratium®, and Insularis®.

Promptis® is the ideal product when the high strength of concrete is required in a short time. Its rapid-hardening and fast-formworkremoval attributes make it the preferred solution for renovating and constructing roads, tunnels, bus and tram stations as well as for precast projects. Promptis® reaches early compressive strength in as fast as four hours – compared with an average of 18 hours for conventional concrete – while maintaining its workability for at least 90 minutes. This allows for easy handling without the risk of sudden hardening, even under extremely hot weather conditions. The use of Promptis® contributes to a reduction in construction time.

The self-curing properties of Hidratium® help optimize the use of natural resources by considerably reducing overall water consumption. At the same time, Hidratium® eliminates early stage cracking and decreases shrinkage resulting in lower labor and maintenance costs. Finally, Insularis® enhances thermal and acoustic insulation in concrete wall and floor construction systems, improving efficiency in buildings with energy savings of up to 20%.

These specialty concrete products are enabling the construction of better, more sustainable, and cost-efficient structures, including housing, infrastructure, and commercial projects, allowing us to remain at the forefront of the building materials industry.

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