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Our Vision

We seek to contribute to regional development by providing building solutions that generate welfare for the people.

We are constantly evolving in order to become more flexible in our operations, more creative in our commercial offerings, more sustainable in our use of resources, more innovative in conducting our business, and more efficient in our capital allocation.

Business and Financial Strategy

We create value for our shareholders through a five-pillar strategic agenda based on: having an agile, flexible, and market-focused organization; a commercial strategy to support market expansion and higher value creation; a results-driven operation with superior productivity; full-dedication and commitment from highly talented pool of employees; and maintaining the best reputation with all our stakeholders.

» Market Focus

We have market-leading positions in the region, with a strong asset footprint, a diversified portfolio of products, a well-developed commercial approach, and a proven management team. In short, we have a profitable, high margin business. We continue to take full advantage of every opportunity to grow our profitability significantly by optimizing costs, improving capital usage, and strengthening our commercial strategy.

» Commercial Strategy

We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and comprehensive array of building solutions. To this end, we tailor our products and services to suit our customers' specific needs, from housing and commercial construction, improvement, and renovation to infrastructure, agricultural, industrial, and other specialty applications.

We strive to serve our customers by increasing our participation in the construction value chain. We have evolved from a traditional building materials supplier to become a provider of comprehensive, sustainable building solutions that fosters the well-being of the communities in which it operates.

For more information on how our products provide the solution to our customer’s business materials needs, visit our Building Solutions page.

» Superior Productivity

Our industry-best processes allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers while using the optimal amount of resources, thus creating the most value. We constantly seek to improve our performance as an efficient, agile, and innovative company by identifying, sharing, and implementing best practices across our regional network of plants and facilities.

One of the key elements of our operational efficiency is our alternative fuels strategy. We are constantly finding new ways to replace fossil fuels with alternative fuels, such as chipped tires, household waste, and biomass such as animal meal, sewage sludge and agricultural waste. Alternative fuels provide a suitable and necessary alternative to landfill while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and our resulting CO2 emissions and protecting our business from energy-price volatility. Our operations in Costa Rica already have a 40% alternative fuels substitution rate, and we are constantly investing to replicate these best-in-class practices throughout CEMEX LatAm’s operations.

For more examples of how we create value through operating efficiency, visit the Operational Efficiency section of our stories page.

» Our People

At CEMEX LatAm, our people are at the core of our business and our success. With the contributions, energy, and vision of our employees we continue to build our future and to be highly competitive in the building materials industry. Therefore, we have an ongoing interest in continuing to improve our work environment and to be surrounded by engaged employees who lead our company through a high-performance and sustainable culture.

In addition to our goal to be a company of choice, and for whom employees are proud to work, we aim to nurture and empower our employees by providing safe and healthy working environments as well as interesting, challenging, and continuous development opportunities. We do our best to make CEMEX LatAm not only a successful business but also a great place to work.

» Relationship with Stakeholders

CEMEX LatAm fosters positive, long-term relationships with key stakeholders to address the pressing needs and concerns of society. With a highly committed and empowered employee base, CEMEX LatAm closely collaborates with a broad variety of institutions that allow us to complement our core competences and enable us to generate social benefits that contribute to strengthening local communities. We believe that if our stakeholders prosper, our company will prosper. This philosophy forms the basis for our vision to be the company of choice for our stakeholders.

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is embedded in our core business strategy and our day-to-day operations. We seek to contribute through regional development through a simple and focused model that follows three main lines of action:

Enhancing our Value Creation: We seek to increase our operational efficiency through innovation and collaboration, in order to develop building solutions to meet the needs of a world with limited resources.

Managing our Footprint: We contribute to the development of a low carbon economy, helping to address climate change which is one of the world’s greatest challenges.

Engaging our Stakeholders: Our long-term success rests on fostering positive, long-term relationships with key stakeholders.


We recognize that the construction industry is shifting toward more cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions; this inspires us to be more innovative in conducting our business. Through our efficient and sustainable vision to innovation, from supply chain and logistics to plant production and technical centers, we provide our customers with the most reliable and creative construction materials.

Our Innovation strategy focuses on translating new ideas into new businesses. This focus on Innovation has led us to an enhanced comprehensive product portfolio, expansion into the debris business, and the creation of customer-related initiatives such as CEMEX LatAm en su Obra.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Our commitment to deliver value to our stockholders rests on a clear recognition that, as a public company, we are stewards of other people’s money. They invest with us to achieve superior long-term returns at acceptable risk. We have never—and will never—lose sight of that fact.

We are committed to abide by the laws and regulations of every jurisdiction in which we operate. Nonetheless, we recognize that our strict adherence to the law is not enough to run a regional organization. Beyond compliance, our commitment—to ourselves, our investors, and to all of our stakeholders—is to manage CEMEX LatAm with integrity. Everything we do rests on this foundation.

For more information on our commitment to adhere to the highest standards of corporate ethics, visit our Corporate Governance page.

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